Thursday, September 21, 2006

  • 'Jaazib'

Jaazib : [Urdu word, Country-India] Something which is capable to absorb anything around itself (absorbent). Except 'absorbent' it also refers to the words 'Alluring' and 'Attractive'. In this case Jaazib is referring to 'absorbent'.

About this image : I am trying to experiment a sad mood with colours. In the picture, there is a lot of force, wind at back and nothing is seen, and a 'flower' in all of those is something which can never move from its place rather than resist with whatever happens to it self. Long time before when I pencilled this image, I didn't intend on doing anything more to it. Then after sometime, something happened that motivated me to colour it.

More about this image :
I felt something in my life long time before. There are some people who keeps pain within themselves and starts reacting towards it in crying, thinking about it always or the way they feel like. But there are some people who doesn't react towards it in such a way, they just let their mind thinks whatever and whenever it wants to think, They thinks this is the way they fights within their mind until it goes out from their mind. They don't have any issues with what is happening around in their life. And they starts accepting all the things happening around themselves.

I see all these things happening just as in life when a cotton absorbs the water in itself and then a time of patience goes on for the water to dry inside it. And so I planned to titled this word 'jaazib'.
I paint this image with what I felt regarding colours . I planed to write something on what I learnt in my life.

Medium : Pencil and paper, scanned the sketched image and added coloured strokes in photoshop.

Few more sketches related to 'Jaazib'


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