Tuesday, November 29, 2005

  • ' My First Hands on Photography '

My first hand on the
photography of ISO 100.
I live in Mumbai
And These pictures are
taken around the areas and streets where I live.

Purpose : For learning photography and my personal projects related.
One of the projects purpose explains how the street has changed from when british empire build the (Mumbai)Bombay harbour beautifully . Still today some of the old structures remains with the other new structures.


St John Street said...

what going on man thank 4 stopping by kool snaps. I hope to see more of your art soon would u like to join in a game of tag, it like this if u were a ninja what would u do just put yourself in the place of the ninja and do whatever post your answer if your interested in playing p, in drawing form that is

Abdul Rehman said...

ok thanks friend.

St John Street said...

post some stuff

St John Street said...

Nothing to be sorry for I understand life man and life is hard so keep strong and hold on I know you'll have some hype work up soon

Mariam Dholkawala said...

Good job Abdul. I really liked your photography style and the subjects you have covered. Doesn't look like a novice's job.