Monday, December 19, 2005

  • Sakin se

This rough work is a part of a small moment (story) which explains what happened with this girl. And it explains her character, which I love a lot.

About this image : In this Image I have shown a moment where a girl sits in a calm, silent field. The flower in her hand is the same flower, her lover always used to put on her hair. This image is one of the part of my short story.

Sakin se : It's an Urdu word which means 'with calm'.

Girl's Character : She is a very shy girl and smiles coyly.

This work is in progress.


St John Street said...

That's a beautiful rendering, sets the mood quite nicely, I'm glad to hear from you it's been a while saw the link, I'll be sure to add you to mine. I can't wait to see more. You should hit me on the email so we can talk better. it' okay talk to you later, and thanks for the comment and dropping by again.

artfx said...

this is really a very nice painting. it calms u but I am sure it excits others atleast me (think straight guys). its a very very lovely rendering. keep it up.


Anonymous said...