Wednesday, February 01, 2006

  • Hi

About this image : In this image, I drew a sketch of a flower and a bird kind of impression with curves. And a flying living thing emerges from inside the flower.
'Hi' is a title given to this image because, Its everything new and beautiful to that living thing whatever it see. So the way the image was composed and the wings of that living thing was expressing the fly was message given to the friends.

More about this image : In my spare time, I was trying to draw some curves in a flower form in a rough paper as usual. I have that habbit. Slowly I started composing them nicely. And I planned to draw it seriously in a neat paper.
I like it and I planned to use this somewhere in one of my concept which is going for long long time. Its about a place filled with diffrent kind of flowers and trees which is never seen. And all the living greens out there has diffrent ways of growing and living. I wish all of the concepts I have written, I will be able to create them in visuals one day, Inshallah.

Softwares used : First sketched with pencil on the paper and then coloured the sketch in Photoshop.


Hamel said...

This is absolutely stunning in its beauty. I love the simplicity, elegance, as well as the uplifing and light colors used.

St John Street said...

Excellent as I said in my email diffinately used these bro keep it moving and take care!!!!

St John Street said...

ing in to see if you are ok and all is kool bro!!!!!!!

St John Street said...

hey bro hope that your ok

Ayumi Sophia said...

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