Thursday, April 20, 2006

  • 'Kahien'

About this image : This is a rough concept of my Flower's project. But also I am experimenting with colours and feel.

More about this image : The title 'Kahien' is a hindi word which means 'somewhere'. To be frank, I am not happy with this image at some level, and I believe that most of you might agree with me. I am trying to experiment with the look and colour especially. Inshallah my project would end good.

Softwares used :In Photoshop.


St John Street said...

Hey bro I love it great sense of mood in this one even stronger than before I love the concept can't wait to see more soon bro I'llbe sure to pray 4 you and me keep it moving bro and all will be provided hope your good other wise take care!!!

artfx said...

amazing visual abdul...
very impressive work. keep it up.


Nikhil Salvi said...

Great man!!!.....Just keep it going........Don't let ur own thoughts bog u down......take it from me ur doing a Great Job!!!